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Borobudur Temple

Explore the Temple, experience the mystical of Borobudur

sunrise borobudur temple

Explore the whole temple & get story of Borobudur temple in every angle accompanied with local guide .Enjoy the morning java tea

Visit traditional market

pasar tradisional

Visit Pawon and Mendut Temple

mendut temple

Optional tour on the way to Jogja Shoping tour at local art galleries craft, and silver factories

Silver Factories

 Sultan Pallace

sultan palaceExplore the Palace with local guide


 Tamansari Water Castle

Tamansari Water Castle

Explore the water Castle and have a look the Batik process

Batik Process

Lunch in Sekar Kedhaton Restaurant

sekar kedhaton restaurant

 Prambanan Temple

prambanan templeExplore the temple with local guide

Ramayana Ballet Tour

Visit Prambanan to see Ramayana Ballet

Ramayana Ballet

Dinner at Prambanan Resto

Prambanan Resto

Enjoy the performance 2 hours


Merapi Volcano Tour

Mount MerapiExplore the Merapi Volcano by Jeep

Pecel Solo


see coffee luwak process in houses

Coffe Luwak Process

Solo Tour


 Mangkunegaran PalaceMangkunegaran Palace

Sukuh Temple

Sukuh Temple

Sukuh Temple / exotic temple and  Visit Ceto Temple & Tea Plantation

Ceto TempleIMG_20130521_131116



IMG_20130521_132032 IMG_20130521_132824






















































Selogriyo temple

The place all rice terraces view. we use to take 40 minute  drive from Borobudur temple

and climb up 35 minute. now the places are clean and the government to take care about it. Hindu temple with nice padi field view along way.

selogriyo temple

Gedong Songo Temple

located on the way to semarang. about 3 hrs drive from Jogjakarta. we can enjoying the nine hindu temple and small creater in the middle of trip.

normally we can do by horse riding or walking two hours.


Visit semarang (lawang sewu, simpang lima)

Visit jepara (kartini beach, and bandengan beach)

Next trip to karimun jawa (diving, snorkling)

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